Canned fruit without sugar:

We produce all our canned fruit without sugar upon request.

The canned fruit without sugar is in fashion, because some people do not want to miss the taste of an orange, cherry, melon or pumpkin, etc., and be compatible with a healthy nutrition. Same taste, less calories.

In Francisco Moreno we know how to make the best sugar-free candied fruit. We collect, select and elaborate manually the whole process of elaboration in a careful way and under strict quality controls, in order to offer a perfect canned fruit without added sugars. Keeping all its natural flavor and freshness.


  • Our unsweetened canned fruit is made with maltitol and conditioned in the form of a paste or angel's horse, and cooked with syrup to achieve a Brix degree of 73-75º and a desired texture, flavor and appearance.
  • Ask our sales representatives about the different formats.

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Top quality fruit under strict quality controls.

Francisco Moreno has in its facilities a laboratory and specialized professional staff, which daily analyzes and takes care of each product. Offering the customer the highest quality and flavor.